Training For Educational Institutions

With the job market getting narrower, employers are being extremely choosy in the fresher market. Staying on top of the ever-changing industry standards can be tough. While a college degree gives the right qualification to a student, it most often may not help him get the right job. VRD Solutions' Training service offers career skills training for students at affordable cost.

We understand employers. We know by experience, what an organization looks for in a candidate. We bring this experience to our training programs for campuses. Our training modules have been designed to ensure that every student gets intellectually and professionally styled to suit the requirements in the job market.

how we work with students

  • Assess the student's capabilities and personality
  • Customize the training module to suit the student
  • Expose students to the requirements of Indian and global employers.
  • Impart short term, intensive training programs that career & employability skills
  • Make him ready to win his dream job
  • Post training phase- e-learning/ e-communities & periodic mentoring

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