Job Seekers


1   What is an online application?
Confused as to which job is the best for you as per your skills and knowledge? Complete this online application form with the essential information and our consultants will find jobs that match your interests and experience.

2   How will I know when VRD Solutions has found jobs for me?
You will receive email alerts, or contacted by our consultants over phone when a good opportunity is found for you. You can also log in to your My VRD Solutions account, surf through the job listings and apply for the ones you choose.

3   How long will it take for VRD Solutions to find me a job?
Usually our consultants will find suitable job opportunity for you within 48 hours. It will also depend on your qualifications, experience and skills.

4   New user
  Set up a “my VRD Solutions” account now and make job hunting easy.
  • Search and apply instantly for jobs online
  • Store your CV for quicker job applications
  • Track your job applications online
  • Let VRD Solutions consultants view your CV

5   Who are the HR Consultants?
The HR consultants are VRD Solutions employees. They serve as business partners and initial points of contact to department heads and staff for HR services.

6   What topics can my consultant help me with?
They can help you with:
  • Developing and implementing performance management systems.
  • Advising and assisting with position analysis and classification.
  • Advising departments on university policies, procedures and state and federal regulations.
  • Assisting with recruitment, orientation and training of staff.
  • Provide solutions to work climate issues.
  • Reviewing organizational structure.

7   Do I have to pay any fees to VRD Solutions if I get a job through you?
We do not charge any candidates for the services that we offer.

8   How can I gain the information on the profile of the job?
You can avail of the information by either sending us an email at [email protected] or contact us via phone at Employee Helpline Add phone number

9   Can I submit a resume for jobs in several areas of the Company at the same time?
You can submit a resume for any number of positions for which you believe your experience is a match with the requirements specified. We encourage you to submit a resume for each position for which you wish to be called for an interview.

10  What should I do if I discover a mistake in my resume after I've submitted it to you?
Once the resume information has been sent, it will be necessary to resubmit your resume. Please note it is a duplicate submission.

11  How will I know my resume information has been received?
If you are submitting resume information online, you will receive an online response informing you that your resume has been received.

12  What is the interview process like?
In most cases you will meet with a Human Resources Department representative, the hiring manager, and possibly several other individuals before a hiring decision is made. This may require more than one visit to the company’s office. A background check including references will be done for each final candidate

13  How will I know if you're interested in my qualifications?
The hiring managers and recruiters regularly review recently submitted resumes. You will be contacted if we have an interest in your qualifications.

14 How long will it take before I can schedule an interview?
If we determine your qualifications match an available position, you will be contacted to set up an interview.