Job Seekers

Corporate Dressing Tips

Dressing Tips for Men

•  Suits: Choose dark colours like black, dark gray, charcoal or navy blue if you choose to wear a suit. One should avoid flashy fabrics.
•  Shirts: One should wear good quality plain or striped full sleeved shirts in light shades. The best fabric for shirts is cotton. Collars should be stiff but comfortable.
•  Ties: Colour of the tie should match with your suit or your shirt. The length of the tie should end at belt line - no higher, no lower.
•  Shoes: basic black or brown.
• Socks: either white or matching the colour of your trouser.

Dressing Tips for Women

•  Business Suit: Choose a conservative style jacket in a solid, basic color.
•  Plain or striped full-sleeved shirts/tops worn with either solid/basic colour/pin-striped formal trousers or skirts.
•  Indian Suits with subtle colours and not very flashy.
•  Formal shoes/Slip-ons.
•  If wearing heals it should not be too noisy.
•  Nails should be well cut and painted if long. Do not have very long nails.
•  Wear accessories that are simple and decent. Limited jewelry.